Richie Hawtin supports Son-Tec - Let the bass.

2015. May 15.
Richie is played several times Son-Tec track - Let the bass!

Richie Hawtin @ 20 Years Fuse, Brussels
Richie Hawtin @ Enter, Space, Ibiza (3x Times)
Richie Hawtin @ Fabric, London, UK
Richie Hawtin @ Ambasada Gavioli, Slovenia
Richie Hawtin @ MINUS,SPAZIO 900, Rome , Italy
Richie Hawtin @ MINUS,Gazi Music Hall, Athens, Greece

This track is also charted by Mark Reeve (Cocoon) also! Thanks for the heavy support! :)

Diwex on Innocent Music

2014. September 21.
Beatport charts:

#1 Peak Time Minimal
#1 10 Must Hear Minimal
#1 Secret Weapons

Best position in top 100 : 22 position

Charted by Alex Piccini" alt="" width="250" height="185" />

Diwex & Abash - Cabadelo

2013. November 02.
After our successful 9th release what is still in Traxsouce Top 10 Techno tracks here is our 10th! Yes! And we give you our best again! 3 tracks made for the dance floor.
The 1st track is a collab of Diwex and Abash, named Cabadelo. Strange sounds and some great drops do their jobs very well!

Fabier made the remix for this track making it a bit slower and more aggressive. If you need something different in your sets between techno and tech house, this one is sure for you! A great remix with some way strange sounds!
The 3rd track is from Diwex alone. Luperon has a rolling, pure bassline what pulls you in the track thanks to Diwex's fine work. Voices from the distant, great grooves make this track a massive production.
Please welcome this great release!

And now that this release got so many great feedbacks from great and respected djs and producers before the release date let's check the top lists and charts for results! You make us keep it real! Thx for the support we got so far!


Diwex FB:

Support: Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna, Massimo Cassini, David Herrero, Hermanez, Macromism, Alex Flatner, Philip Arruda, Marko Nastic, Metodi Hristov, Luigi Madonna, Figueroa & Obando, Sean Random, Sam Paganini... and many more !

Son-Tec - Hit the wrong button EP

2013. September 10.

Son-Tec - Hit The Wrong Button EP

Son-Tec had a remarkable implosion at the Malicious Smile label which earned its fame by its unique editions. The Hit The Wrong Button EP it’s been sorrounded by spectacular success from the 8th of July’s coming out.


The title song of the album it is an eloquent example of the modern tech house which merges the industrial effects that give the atmosphere of dark halls of Ditroit while the pulsating drums are compelling for dance as the basic of groove. The Hit The Wrong Button even was remixed by two excellent DJ-producers, Diego Catalioti a.k.a. Katal had made an impetuous version of the song, and Philip Arruda, the canadian producer enriched the EP with a music transliteration that it should be characterized as a dodgy and waggish remix.


The four track EP’s other orginal song has the name of In The Jungle which introduced the audience the university of the intelligent electronic music. The night time parties mood’s basics come from the stomach massaging basses, and the machine noise adopted from tech house and the bird ruckus which sounds from the depth of rainforests has clearly tops off the parties ambiance.


The Hit The Wrong Button EP has earned its recognition in Hungary and in foreign countries as well. The EP’s tracks were played in the hot summer parties by Sasha Carassi, AGENT!, Nicole Moudaber, Hugo, Danilo Vigorito, The Junkies, Gel Abril, UGLH (Marco Duranti), Paco Osuna, Luca M, Artslaves, Patrick Lindsey,Joor Ghen, Fer Br,Dela, Kareem Cali, Kuo Climax,Tektight,Sabb,Mike Frade and several others.

Son-Tec & Smoke Sykes – The Reason

2013. February 01.
Our two Artists got into topping professionals in the compilation, however, being in one tracklist with Fer BR, Kareem Cali, Nick Theos and ImAman is a really remarkable fact itself. „The Reason” has not only a track from the Album’s five music, but one of the most praised ones. In the supporting names, among others, we can find Gel Abril, Gregor Tresher, Dan Drastic, Carl Bee, Sasch BBC, Gabriel Ben, Figueroa, Alessandro, Massimo Girardi, Matt Sassari, Olderic, Chaim, UGLH or Elio Riso, but all who were asked about the whole release were really satisfied, for example DJ Sneak, Lauhaus, Romano Alfieri, the Kaiserdisco and the duo of Kruse & Nurnberg, too.

Actually, Son-Tec and Smoke Skyes’s „The Reason” has become deservedly famous, with its massive tech-house basis and perky tins the track really keeps us on our toes. We can wait the music as an absolute winner in the year-end events.

Smoke Sykes - Elisabeth EP (Kina Music)

2012. May 09.
Once again it's Smoke Sykes time! We are pleased to announce the second ep from our Hungarian mate on Kina Music. Elisabeth is a straight to the dancefloor EP, With a powerful beat, voice and breaks, "Elisabeth" is a very usefull track for each set. Remixes come from Maximiljan (Suara, Neurotraxx Gold) which delight us with 2 different versions. The first adding percussions and stabs plus a tool version where groove is the king. The second Remix is from Snilloc (Metroline Limited, Opossum). Killer bassline hypnotic voice supported by a cool rhythm., Closing the EP Dirty Thoughts , a classic deep house track playing with voices and chords.  Let's dance!

Supported by: Danny Tenaglia, Andre Buljet,, Daniel Fx, Mr Statik, Nicolas Massejeff, Sheehan & Clausen, Chaim, Patrick Zigon, Fabrizio Maurizi, Hermanez, Fog, Alex Piccini, Mirco Violi, UGLH, Nicolas Duvoisin, Gel Abril, Chesperito, Minz, Luca Doobie, Adriano Fillipicci, Rhadow, Someone Else, Re-Up and many more!

Jay Lumen Live set

2012. April 03.
Check Jay Lumen's amazing live DJ set from Disco Dome, Moscow, Russia!

Son-Tec - Cockpit EP (Tigereye Recordings)

2012. April 03.

Although we could've never classified Son-Tec's music into an easily consumable category, his freshly released track "Cockpit", featured by thick and dark beats, is diving really deep into the world of underground electronics.

Son-Tec's fresh new EP preserves the artist's well-known, individual style in the electronic musical scene. Being like a mythical battle of industrial, metallic sounds versus space effects of a cyberworld, the track creates a future music impression in the listener.

The massive pulsation of machinesounds are totally renewing the classic Detroit sounding in a new outfit. This is an exciting and futuristic deep tech house piece of work, spiced with some minimal and garage hihat.

In the remix of Tony Dee the original track gets a little light, tighter tempo and faster changes, but it keeps the industrial, metallic character of "Cockpit". While this version can be a notable moment of a warmup set, the original track will definitely kick the house in peaktime. It's a perfect continuation of the story.

The two versions of the EP, released under the aegis of Tigereye Recordings, received really massive support of the scene?s most important names, for example "Cockpit" is regularly played by Paul Van Dyk,  Alex Dolby, Nicole Moudaber, Jay Lumen, D-Formation, René Amesz, Rino Cerrone, David Herrero, Paco Osuna, The Junkies, Hermanez, Gabriel Rocha, Chus, Cytric, Davy Dee, Francesco Farfa, F Sonik, Loko and many others.

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