Son-Tec & Smoke Sykes – The Reason

2013. February 01.
Our two Artists got into topping professionals in the compilation, however, being in one tracklist with Fer BR, Kareem Cali, Nick Theos and ImAman is a really remarkable fact itself. „The Reason” has not only a track from the Album’s five music, but one of the most praised ones. In the supporting names, among others, we can find Gel Abril, Gregor Tresher, Dan Drastic, Carl Bee, Sasch BBC, Gabriel Ben, Figueroa, Alessandro, Massimo Girardi, Matt Sassari, Olderic, Chaim, UGLH or Elio Riso, but all who were asked about the whole release were really satisfied, for example DJ Sneak, Lauhaus, Romano Alfieri, the Kaiserdisco and the duo of Kruse & Nurnberg, too.

Actually, Son-Tec and Smoke Skyes’s „The Reason” has become deservedly famous, with its massive tech-house basis and perky tins the track really keeps us on our toes. We can wait the music as an absolute winner in the year-end events.